Wk6 – Art Experience – PhotoWalk

This week was very different than our typical 3 assignments a week. The only assignment we had was this, the Photo Walk art experience.  At first I did not know what walk to attend because they all seemed so interesting, but I finally decided to go with Madison Braverman’s “What CSULB is Truly Known For”. In this walk the places we were going to visit were the “CSULB” sign made out of leaves over by 7th street, the Japanese Garden, and the Pyramid as well.

The first place we visited was the “CSULB” sign made out of leaves over by 7th street (behind the library). But before we got there, we also saw a water fountain on the way there. I did not take a picture of it because it was not apart of the walk, but I decided to write about it as well. It seemed to have no water, it was just the metal sculpture in the center of the perimeter. After if when we got to the sign made out of leaves. We all took turns taking picture with the sign, which by the way I never knew was there for the 3 years that I’ve been here. So seeing this was actually refreshing to me because it shows me that there are things here that I have not seen.

Next we were on our way towards the Japanese Garden which I was yet to finally visit. Ever since I’ve been here at CSULB I always wanted to attend the garden, but I did not want to go by myself and my friends would never want to go as well. Anyways, on the way there we noticed it was a long walk, so our group leader Maddy decided to ask a CSULB shuttle driver if he can kindly take us over to the garden. Fortunately, he said yes and on we went! Once we got there, I was blown away from the beauty and mesmerizing plants. I could not believe it took me 3 years to visit this place. Lastly, because we still had time we had the chance to visit The Walter Pyramid. The pyramid, I believe, is what CSULB is mostly known for because it is so massive and visible from basically anywhere on campus, and sometimes even on the freeway!

All in all, Madison Braverman was an amazing tour guide with full of energy and joy which gave everyone, not only me, a better experience. “What CSULB is Truly Known For” photo walk was a refreshing experience and I was lucky enough to be apart of it.



Wk5 – Artist Conversation – Andre Ritter

Artist: Andre Ritter

Exhibition: Fuse: Join to Form A Single Entity

Media: Aluminum

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist: This weeks artist conversation I had to choose between a few artists because these artists are actually apart of the same exhibit. My decision came down to Andre Ritter. Andre is CSULB graduate who earned his BFA in metals. Just last spring was when he graduated and is now back here at CSULB showcasing his artwork as an alumni. He has four years working with metals and enjoys working mostly with metals but he also has other works consisting of different material. He is also a father to two sons, one is eight and the other is ten. Currently, he is trying to launch an art program at his sons schools which shows he is very well involved in the different curricular activities. He also used to live in Hawaii for about 7 years. His hobbies consist of reading comic books, watching the Walking Dead, and enjoys volleyball.

Formal Analysis: Andre specializes in metal, meaning the media he is involved with is metals. His favorite metal to use is Aluminum for various reasons. First, he mentioned  because it is the easiest to work with rather than working with steel. The main reason is because steel is more complex because it involves using fire to craft the work. Second, he loves the permanence that comes with using aluminum. One perfect example showing his use of aluminum in his work is in the chandelier above. Although it looks like steel and painted, that is not the case. You can see how the chandelier has great detail, straight lines, sharp edges (not meant to be seen as sharp), and a natural paint-less aluminum frame. This is just one of his works. As you can see, there is also this tropical and mysterious grass like piece close to where I took the camera (or picture 2). He explained how in some of his works, including the grass like one, was inspired by his love for tropical antiques. The colors from the antique are very bright and vivid. Although he specializes in metals, Andre enjoys making a few different pieces.

Content Analysis: Andre’s work can range from being mysterious, abstract, cultural, and looking like tropical antiques. But most importantly, his work is a reflection of his likes and experiences. For example, his time in the South Pacific and Hawaii influenced the details of his work. This is mostly evident in the tropical piece with the vivid colors. In a way, it’s his way of sharing his experiences with others through his art. The tropical piece gives off a free spirited, full of life, and happy atmosphere. Although these traits are not evident throughout his bigger scale aluminum piece, where it seems mysterious and gloomy, Andre still believes that all his work revolves around his time in the South Pacific.

My Experience: As soon as I walked in the gallery, I noticed the use of metals and already I was amazed by the different pieces that implemented these metals. But in all honesty, Andre’s tropical antique caught my attention. It made me a little confused as to why this piece is here alongside these other pieces. Everything else seemed so calm and dull whereas the antique gave a completely different atmosphere with the vibrant colors and tropical background. Although, once I approached Andre I felt the need to ask him what this piece is all about. It made perfect sense because that piece was based on the area in which he lived, specifically Hawaii. I’d also like to mention that his chandelier looks modern to me, I would love to walk in to my home and see the chandelier hanging as soon as you enter. But all in all, I enjoyed his art showcase and the meaning behind them made them the most interesting to me.

Wk5 – Art Experience – Cuisine

For this weeks art experience I chose to do something different in food cuisine. Again, this is something that I’ve never tried on my own. At first it was difficult to think of something to make with all the fruits that I had to use but in the end I decided to go with a pick up truck. I did not want to do anything too simple or something that seemed so easy, rather I tried to challenge myself and thats how I came up with making a truck out of fruit. Although there was plenty of fruit to choose from, I only chose watermelon and kiwis over melons, apples, and cantaloupes.  In the end, I was glad I chose these two fruits because they complement each other so well. The Kiwis were used as wheels while the watermelon was used as the vehicle frame. Large toothpicks were a big part of this project in order to keep the whole pieces intact. After I was finished I surprised my parents to what I made. At first they asked, “why’d you make that?” and I answered, “For my Art class”. They could not believe that I was making this for school, and they saw it as a great way to bring many forms of art to the class. Overall, this project was very fun and a learning experience.  I consider it a learning experience because I thought it was so easy to cut some fruit, but when it comes to the watermelon there is a specific way to cut where you don’t have to put much force.

Wk4 – LA Book Fair – Extra Credit

This I attended the 2016 L.A. Book Fair with a friend. My experience was full of many different kinds of people displaying their books and art for sale. But when I walked in the first thing I noticed was the amount of people here. I know it sounds weird for me to say that because people do love to read and see upcoming artist, but I guess it caught me off guard because I’m a person who probably wouldn’t have attended one of these book fairs on my own. Having that said, I’m not implying that I did not enjoy it. Instead I was surprised it caught my attention. It was full of life. Many artists, writers, buyers, from all over the place were here. The art and books varied from different kinds of cultures, ideas, concepts, cartoons, medieval times, as well as current issues around the world. Even though I wouldn’t attend one of these events on my own, I’m glad I got to experience it in a place where theres full of art, books, writers, and aspiring artist. I might even attend one on my own from now on.

Wk4 – Art Experience – Graffiti Writing


In these week’s art experience I made my very own graffiti writing. The primary color that I used was red and after I traced over the perimeter of each letter to make it stand out. As I was working on the project, I only had 3 different colors to work with and they were black, red, and green. I know the minimum amount of colors we had to use was 2, but I really wanted to make the green work in some way. I didn’t want to just spray paint a boring green background so I had to think of something more creative. In the picture above, you can see that there is  some sort of vertical labeling on the left side of the plywood. So then it hit me, I decided to trace around the labeling and created what I hope to look like a palm tree. While I was doing this project, I had a friend who was also doing his very own graffiti writing at my house. Even though our hands were covered by 3 different colors of spray paint, this art experience has been one of my favorites so far.

Wk4 – Classmate Conversation – Bianca Dominguez

IMG_1066 copy

This week’s Classmate conversation I did it on Bianca Dominguez. She graduated from Gahr high school and then came here to CSULB as undeclared. Although Bianca came in as undeclared, she wants to become a Registered Nurse (RN). The Nursing field is very impacted, meaning that A’s and B’s can barely cut it, however, Bianca demonstrated to me how serious she is about her career and how she enjoys helping out others. Also, she is currently a freshman and is in her second semester. When she first came here her thoughts about the campus was that she really enjoyed it and still does. As of this semester she is taking mainly GE courses. She does not play any sports but she does have hobbies such as hanging out with friend sand going out to eat. Bianca only has one sibling. Her sister is older and has already graduated from college and is a current employed. I’m not quite sure what specific career she has but I do know she is involved with cutting up bodies and removing the organs of organ donors. Just like myself, she is also Mexican. In the end, I’m glad I got to meet and talk to Bianca. She is very easy to talk to, very friendly, and very outgoing.

Wk4 – Artist Conversation – Samuel Jernigan

Artist: Samuel Jernigan

Exhibition: Weight of Whimsy and Ideals

Media: Ceramics, Ceramic Paint, Sculpture

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://cargocollective.com/samueljernigan

Instagram: @samueljenri

About the Artist: Samuel Jernigan is a graduate student that graduated in Fall 2015 and is apart of CSULB’s Ceramics Program. He has been sculpting for 15 years now, but he did mention he had some few years off. Sculpting and ceramics is his field of expertise. Growing up, Jernigan was raised in an agricultural environment around central California. Also, at some point in his life he lived in his car; it was for approximately 3 years. His hobbies consist of collecting high pigment paint pens, reading comics, and riding his bike. His work explores the ideas of loneliness, belongings, and alienation.

Formal Analysis: Most of Jernigan’s work revolves all around ceramics and ceramic painting. His Exhibition,  Weight of Whimsy and Ideals, his sculptures vary from different sizes,  and are all sculptured by ceramic and ceramic painting. Most of his work in the exhibit resembles kids toys and cartoons with bright and light colors, which gave them a natural look. In order to keep that natural look , he used smooth edges and textures to bring the work to life. In the exhibit there was also that feeling that most of these sculptures seem unfinished or have missing pieces. That is because his work revolves around being interchangeable. Meaning that one part from this sculpture can be interchanged and inputted into another set of work. Only a few colors were noticeable at his gallery, which a of red, orange, green, blue, and yellow. The theme was very clear, a sense of nostalgia. His inspiration to create these works of art came from kids toys he would see at real markets. Making it clear that his work consists of bringing together different abandoned toys and making them interchangeable.

Content Analysis: Weight of Whimsy and ideals explores a theme of loneliness and an unfixing of an idea or identity. In his work, the toys seem as if they have not been played for a while, therefore giving them a sense of loneliness. The toys appear to have been left behind from their previous owner and to never be used or noticed again. It brings us back to a time where we had no worries about the real world. It makes you think about how the real life is and how us as human beings have no more time for things we used to do as a child. But the exhibit shows that there is still a bit of kid inside of everyone. The theme of loneliness brought me back to one of my favorite childhood movies, Toy story. Especially in the Toy Story 3, where Andy, the owner of the toys, is leaving to college and is leaving the toys behind because now its time to head into the real world. The other theme found in his work is unfixing an idea or the way people generally think. In this case, it’s of his work. This theme in a way contradicts the feeling of nostalgia. Jernigan knows that when people look at his work they assume its about contemplation of our childhood, but instead his meaning behind is that you can actually rearrange different things around in art and have a different meaning than the generalized (fixed) one.Which is why he includes his work with interchangeable pieces.

My Experience: When I walked into the gallery, I’ll be honest, I did not know what to think. At first I was confused as to why most of his work seemed unfinished and out of order. But after a while, I began to develop a sense of contemplation about my childhood. Then I noticed how these parts aren’t really finished or missing, they are interchangeable. It made me get an idea as to what is Jernigan’s meaning behind his art. I thought it meant now that we are older we leave old parts of ourselves behind in order to change for the real world as we grow up. We begin to think differently and start to not have time for things we did as youngsters. The interchangeable parts, I believed, resembled those old traits and characteristics we left behind. But because the parts are interchangeable, it gave a sense that there is room for some of our old traits to stay throughout our lives. You know, because everyone’s a kid at heart.

Wk3 – Artist Conversation – Josh Vasquez

Artist: Josh Vasquez

Exhibition: Vida / Morte

Media: Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: Joshvasquez.com

Instagram: @JoshyBehr

On Gallery day I decided to visit the Gatov Gallery West exhibt where I saw interesting yet amazing work from Josh Vasquez. Josh is currently an undergraduate art major planning to graduate in Spring 2017. He grew up in Los Angeles and began to develop his love for art a young age. In his exhibit is called Vida Morte, it is evident his passion to his art and future profession by the way he incorporates only Black and White to his painting, meaning Life and Death.

Josh Vasquez artwork was mesmerizing because of how he used the theme of Life and Death and fused it it with his individual artistic talent. Some of his art consisted of plastic bags over his paintings and others had transparent plastic over other paintings. The paintings inside were the main focus, where as the outside was somewhat spray painted with minimal amount using Black and White. One of the first things I noticed when walking into the Gallery was the setting. By setting I mean the theme, atmosphere, lighting, colors, and the art the complemented it beautifully. The exhibit had very dim lighting while the painting had beams of light showcasing the artwork. His artwork consisted with many different types of lines, circles, and swirls. In addition, the different types of lines and etc. he used varied from being thick, thin, tall, and short. I remember asking him what does the swirl in one of his paintings meant and he responded with saying it reminded him of a rose. Which brings me to the next piece of artwork that captivated me. This piece will be the first thing you actually see when you walk in of you ever get to visit one of his exhibits, it’s a trail of mainly dead roses, but few are still left with life. This shows the theme of Life and Death, the roses which are mostly dead have no color whereas there are a few roses which are alive and well in vibrant colors.

In one artwork, he had a rose painted black and white which upside down resembled a skull. These pieces shows Vasquez’s view of Life and Death. He mentioned during his exhibit that it is important for him to have his mind set meditated before actually starting on any of his projects. I believe that is what sets his work and himself apart from many others. His emotions are evident throughout his work, you can actually receive the message that he is trying to portray. Or even the most beautiful part about his work, is that it seems as if it is making you wonder what is your meaning about life? Is only black and white, or does it have only bright and lovely colors, or even both?

After seeing this gallery, it made reflect back to my life and ask myself if I see life the same way that Josh does. But also his exhibit has given me a sense of light towards the meaning of life I once had before attending. Over all, I had a great time and it was a memorable experience for me because it was actually my first time ever to actually visit and observe artwork in an art exhibit. One last thing I want to mention is that Josh Vasquez was really blunt about his answers to our questions, which gives me the sense that there is no doubt in my mind that this is what he loves doing.


Wk3 – Snapchat – Carlos Nava

The two snaphat stories above are mine. In the first story you can see that it is one of the art pieces from today’s Gallery Day in Art 110. This particular piece was my favorite because it was not just a regular painting. I’m not sure if you can tell but this work of art was painted or drawn onto wood. I find it really interesting because it perhaps adds to the message that the artist was most likely among for. The piece also has a man with a bird cage on his head, probably meaning that he is so entitled to his job that he has no time for anything else. The girl holding what looks to be wrench, perhaps means that kids, even at an early age, have to start working to support their families.

As for the second story, you can see that I have some soccer cleats on. But I am not actually at a park or grassy area. I drew in the grass because it would help me feel more comfortable with the shoes I was trying on at a soccer store. The main reason why I drew this on my story is because I wanted to see or have an idea of how the cleats can appear on a pitch. My snapchat is ceelohs.

The first snapchat story is from a fellow classmate who’s snapchat is thefrankster95. In this picture, if his meaning behind it is the same meaning I’m getting from it, I can relate so much. What I got from it is that he is eating a pizza, but he is almost done and wishes he had another piece or even a couple more. The hunger is real. Like always. I would’ve probably done the same thing and drawn the rest of the pizza. Or it was just the fact that he forgot to take a snap of his food before he started eating and realized after half a pizza what had happened; as a result he drew the other half of the pizza. (Lol)

The next one is also by a fellow classmate who’s snapchat is ashleykbee. I think that this picture does not have any deep meaning behind it. I think that my fellow classmate was only taking a picture of what seems to be an elementary class of students. Ashley was probably there to either drop off a sibling, visit, or maybe even teach. But from the snap I get an “lol” type of reaction because most of the students are smiling and appropriately posed for the picture while the one in the back looks like he is standing tall and keeping his head up. What I mean by standing tall and keeping his head up is that it seems like he is trying to make a statement that he is tough and rules the classroom. Of course, the text added “Fight me” is what portrays it the most.

Wk2 – Plaster Casting – Carlos Nava

This has been one of the funnest activities I have done since I’ve been here at CSULB. Although the idea was to meet up with the rest of the class on Thursday, a friend and I could not make it on time and led us to a very unusual way to do the art experience. We did make it to the beach, even though there was no one there anymore, we decided to take some sand home and do it ourselves. So what we did was we used the bucket that was supposed to be used for the mixture of the water and plaster to take the sand home. Once we were home, we basically molded our hand in the sand as if we were at the beach. It actually worked, and I have to say our hands came out pretty legit. In all honestly, I have never done anything like this and I was so anxious as to how our molds would come out. When it come to applying this activity to life, the only thing that comes to mind is having a good time with your friends. Other than that, this art experience has been a good one.

Left: Friend’s ; Right: Mine                               Mine