Wk3 – Snapchat – Carlos Nava

The two snaphat stories above are mine. In the first story you can see that it is one of the art pieces from today’s Gallery Day in Art 110. This particular piece was my favorite because it was not just a regular painting. I’m not sure if you can tell but this work of art was painted or drawn onto wood. I find it really interesting because it perhaps adds to the message that the artist was most likely among for. The piece also has a man with a bird cage on his head, probably meaning that he is so entitled to his job that he has no time for anything else. The girl holding what looks to be wrench, perhaps means that kids, even at an early age, have to start working to support their families.

As for the second story, you can see that I have some soccer cleats on. But I am not actually at a park or grassy area. I drew in the grass because it would help me feel more comfortable with the shoes I was trying on at a soccer store. The main reason why I drew this on my story is because I wanted to see or have an idea of how the cleats can appear on a pitch. My snapchat is ceelohs.

The first snapchat story is from a fellow classmate who’s snapchat is thefrankster95. In this picture, if his meaning behind it is the same meaning I’m getting from it, I can relate so much. What I got from it is that he is eating a pizza, but he is almost done and wishes he had another piece or even a couple more. The hunger is real. Like always. I would’ve probably done the same thing and drawn the rest of the pizza. Or it was just the fact that he forgot to take a snap of his food before he started eating and realized after half a pizza what had happened; as a result he drew the other half of the pizza. (Lol)

The next one is also by a fellow classmate who’s snapchat is ashleykbee. I think that this picture does not have any deep meaning behind it. I think that my fellow classmate was only taking a picture of what seems to be an elementary class of students. Ashley was probably there to either drop off a sibling, visit, or maybe even teach. But from the snap I get an “lol” type of reaction because most of the students are smiling and appropriately posed for the picture while the one in the back looks like he is standing tall and keeping his head up. What I mean by standing tall and keeping his head up is that it seems like he is trying to make a statement that he is tough and rules the classroom. Of course, the text added “Fight me” is what portrays it the most.


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