Wk5 – Art Experience – Cuisine

For this weeks art experience I chose to do something different in food cuisine. Again, this is something that I’ve never tried on my own. At first it was difficult to think of something to make with all the fruits that I had to use but in the end I decided to go with a pick up truck. I did not want to do anything too simple or something that seemed so easy, rather I tried to challenge myself and thats how I came up with making a truck out of fruit. Although there was plenty of fruit to choose from, I only chose watermelon and kiwis over melons, apples, and cantaloupes.  In the end, I was glad I chose these two fruits because they complement each other so well. The Kiwis were used as wheels while the watermelon was used as the vehicle frame. Large toothpicks were a big part of this project in order to keep the whole pieces intact. After I was finished I surprised my parents to what I made. At first they asked, “why’d you make that?” and I answered, “For my Art class”. They could not believe that I was making this for school, and they saw it as a great way to bring many forms of art to the class. Overall, this project was very fun and a learning experience.  I consider it a learning experience because I thought it was so easy to cut some fruit, but when it comes to the watermelon there is a specific way to cut where you don’t have to put much force.


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