Wk6 – Art Experience – PhotoWalk

This week was very different than our typical 3 assignments a week. The only assignment we had was this, the Photo Walk art experience.  At first I did not know what walk to attend because they all seemed so interesting, but I finally decided to go with Madison Braverman’s “What CSULB is Truly Known For”. In this walk the places we were going to visit were the “CSULB” sign made out of leaves over by 7th street, the Japanese Garden, and the Pyramid as well.

The first place we visited was the “CSULB” sign made out of leaves over by 7th street (behind the library). But before we got there, we also saw a water fountain on the way there. I did not take a picture of it because it was not apart of the walk, but I decided to write about it as well. It seemed to have no water, it was just the metal sculpture in the center of the perimeter. After if when we got to the sign made out of leaves. We all took turns taking picture with the sign, which by the way I never knew was there for the 3 years that I’ve been here. So seeing this was actually refreshing to me because it shows me that there are things here that I have not seen.

Next we were on our way towards the Japanese Garden which I was yet to finally visit. Ever since I’ve been here at CSULB I always wanted to attend the garden, but I did not want to go by myself and my friends would never want to go as well. Anyways, on the way there we noticed it was a long walk, so our group leader Maddy decided to ask a CSULB shuttle driver if he can kindly take us over to the garden. Fortunately, he said yes and on we went! Once we got there, I was blown away from the beauty and mesmerizing plants. I could not believe it took me 3 years to visit this place. Lastly, because we still had time we had the chance to visit The Walter Pyramid. The pyramid, I believe, is what CSULB is mostly known for because it is so massive and visible from basically anywhere on campus, and sometimes even on the freeway!

All in all, Madison Braverman was an amazing tour guide with full of energy and joy which gave everyone, not only me, a better experience. “What CSULB is Truly Known For” photo walk was a refreshing experience and I was lucky enough to be apart of it.



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