Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

Art Experience – Interview – Carlos and Francisco

This weeks art experience was full of bloopers. Because it was a group based activity, I partnered with a friend, Francisco Miranda. Before starting the actual Oscar-capable acting, we did not know what to do. Until we finally decided to an Interview seen that involved simple lines and DJ Khaled’s phrases. While doing the video there were many times where we had to start over because we could not keep a serious face, we’d burst into laughter. It was like that for about 5 times. Once we finally got it down, it was still obvious that it was not perfect and you can still see a smirk here and there, but we decided to go with it because in a way its hilarious. I’m pretty sure we weren’t the only ones who had this sort of problem of laughter, but we got it done. I was playing the role of the manager and interviewing a potential future employee, Francisco Miranda. As the interview goes, even though its short, you can notice the DJ Khaled phrases through out. For example, “Are you loyal?”, “Are you smart?”, and so forth. The person recording us was Francisco’s girlfriend. Over all, I enjoyed this art experience as it makes us go out of our comfort zone and make a video of a random scene, even though our acting was hilarious.


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