Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: f* Art

Media: Cotton, thread, trash bags, metallic yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram:  @aliciakeyworth

For this weeks artist conversation I decided to do it with artist, Alicia Keyworth. When Alicia first got here at CSULB, she began as a graphic designer during her freshman year and later changed to art. Switching to art education was the best decision for her because most importantly she found her “fit”. But she fell in love with using fiber and implementing it with art. As of now, she is an undergraduate here who is looking forward to graduating next semester with her BFA in fiber and BA in art education. As a hobby, she enjoys to weave.

Alicia Keyworth’s work is focused more on the idea of the process of creating a piece from start to finish, rather than how it ends up. One of the first pieces I noticed in Gatov Gallery East was the woven artifact mounted on the wall. The colors she used for this set of piece was only two colors, black and sparkling gold. But the work itself was woven with cotton yarn, trash bags, and metallic yarn. The metallic yarn might explain how the gold sparkles over the black base of the woven piece. The inspiration behind this piece was because she wanted to challenge herself with something different, not the usual. Which in the end, came out beautiful. She mentioned her work being structurally traditional and free in material. As mentioned before, she focuses more on the process and the challenge rather than the outcome. Alicia tests her abilities to produce something different that isn’t normally used for the process of making her pieces.

Alicia’s artwork is a reflection of the type of person she is. As everyone was around her asking her questions, I noticed how she seems free spirited and always wants to focus her work on what she wants to do, but also be different from others. From looking at most of her work, I can see she is an eco-friendly type of person because its evident while she uses trash bags in the process of her work. She also uses waste or scrap parts which is why I believe she is an eco-friendly type of person. Like mentioned before, her work is definitely a reflection of the way she is while also being unique and very interesting. In my opinion she has succeeded in challenging herself by doing something different by using spare parts and focusing on the process more than the outcome. Even though her work revolves around spare parts, you get some sort of quality that Alicia is able to accomplish through her focus on the process. Her artwork is different, but very special.

Over all, I had a great experience looking at this weeks exhibits at the CSULB School of Art. Even though there were various artists showcasing their pieces, I decided to focus on Alicia Keyworth. I believe her work has a meaning behind it; you don’t have to use expensive or high quality materials to make something considered as art and still have that same quality from the hard work put into it. I learned from this experience that the type of person you are, your daily values, what you believe, what you don’t, really reflects what kinds of work artists craft.


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