Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Eric Diaz


This weeks classmate conversation I did it on Eric Diaz. This year at CSULB is his second year here and is studying to become a business major in Marketing. He is also apart of a fraternity, Delta Chi which he mentioned was the best decision he’s made since he was here. The reason why he decided to join a frat was due to the opportunities it brings and the networking involved of course. Not only does he enjoy those two reasons but he also enjoys the friends and party side to a frat. I found out that Eric lives in Bellflower which is quite close to where I reside in Paramount. His favorite basketball team is the Lakers, says he is a die hard laker fan even though they’ve been in their worst form. For football he roots for the Cowboys, but for soccer he only likes to get involved when its the world cup season. His favorite music to listen to would be classic songs or groups such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, but also open to anything. On the side he also likes to do freelance photography which I thought was pretty cool. I consider Eric na Apple guy, meaning he owns nothing but Apple devices just like me. One similarity we share is the hate for phone cases that become an eyesore to such a beautiful phone like the iPhone. Overall, it was cool I got the chance to meet someone as well rounded as Eric; he is such an easy guy to get along with, it felt live we’ve been friends for a while because of how easy it was to talk to each other.


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