Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Prints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @Bri.joy

From my conversation with Bri Joy this week I learned a lot about her. She was a transfer student from Batho’s college and attended Orange High School of the Arts. This year is Bri’s last year, but she has been in screen printing for three years now and is looking forward to graduating. Growing up, she came from a place where everyone knew one another, meaning low population. Her hometown is Modgeska Canyon. Her hobbies consist of surfing, yoga, and snowboarding. In addition, because she came from a place where everyone knew each other, it was a surprise to her how people are here when she first arrived. Her exhibition, Merge, reflects the idea of how she has become who she is today.

The material she uses is very expensive but makes up her work her very own. Bri uses a very specific kind of paper for her work called BFK archival printing making paper. At the exhibit, she mentioned how much of this material she needed which was around 10 yards of it. One of the difficulties while making this particular exhibit was that she had to print this by hand rather than printing it with ink because it would’ve been very difficult to print out of 10 yards of paper. All of her work consisted of black and white if you’re considering the BFK paper as one of the colors used. But it was mainly the black ink. No line is identical in her work, they’re all different yet smooth. Like mentioned before, her art is a reflection of herself and how she has become the person she is today, bringing the past and present into one; hence the exhibition name.

Bri’s art is meant to focus all the attention on the message behind the artwork rather than the appearance itself. She brings forth emotion in her work to hinge in the viewer as to what she is trying to convey. Because there is no color in her work, it allows the viewer to focus all on the artwork’s meaning and not be distracted by different colors. Her main inspiration is  Concept versus color. It is also shows her transitions in life from when she moved from her home to her new life here and all her other experiences that have shaped her to be the person she is today. Her art is simple, but can be very complex because it involves the viewers full devotion into what the message is behind the piece.

When I first walked in I did not think much of the exhibit rather than it was only black and white. Not just for one work, but for all of her pieces. I still found her work to be very interesting because I was trying to figure out what each piece many or what was Bri’s meaning behind it. But as soon as I started my conversation with her it was obvious what was her message. One other thing I noticed was that even though her art was so simple, it can still be complex. And I feel that is Bri’s main goal, to challenge the viewer and figure out what her work means, but she assists the viewer by having no color to avoid distractions. I also found it beautiful once I found out how she incorporated who she has become as a person based on her experiences in her artwork.



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