Ghost is one of the finest marksman here at Moonbase Alpha.

Hello there fellow citizens, I go by the name Ghost and I am apart of the Marine task force here at Moonbase Alpha. I am an important asset to the security of our base and citizens and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. Safety for my our people is my main priority against foreigners. My name comes from the way I go into battle. My main tactic is going is as quiet as possible, get in and get out. As if I was never there, hence, the name. Because of everything I’ve gone through I’ve become fond of this place, it has become my home. For years now, there has not been any sort of danger or invasion from outsiders, but it has been very peaceful around here. During my stay I have met many people that have later become some of my dearest friends. These friends and home is what I cherish the most which is why I believe so heavily in keeping my planet safe. Growing up I did not have much, small home, very little food, and no money. I also lost my parents at a young age to the last war that happened here at Moonbase Alpha. That is also one of the reasons why I have become a marine, to follow my parents footsteps and protect our planet for our citizens and families. But if duty calls, I am always there… but without being seen.

Jonathan Sniper

Jonathan sniper is one of my dearest friends that I met here at the Moonbase while training to become apart of the Marine Task Force. We have become more than friends, we are practically brothers, in and out of combat. Alongside each other we have defended the Moonbase various times all by ourselves with our unique marksman skills.

Aqua Marine

Aqua Marine a fellow protector of the seas here at the Moonbase. Lately it has been very peaceful when it comes to the seas and water supply. But then a few days ago some of the water supply has gone missing and it has been affecting the numbers of sea creatures. They have been mysteriously disappearing and the Marine Task Force have been informed it’s someone from within the base. So far, we have been linked up with Aqua Marine in order to stop an end to the dangers affecting our seas and put a stop to whoever is doing this.


Evangeline was the first in our suspect list, because we received some intel that she owns a  sea food restaurant. Where else could she possible be getting all this sea food other than here an Moonbase? But then again, this mysterious disappearance has only been occurring until now and Evangeline has owned this restaurant for years now so it can’t be her. Unless she has been buying from some black market dealer who has been accountable for the disappearance of all the fish? But either way we are making progress to finding out who has been up to this.


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