Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Copper and Silver Metals
Gallery: Marily Gerby West
Website: None
Instagram: None

Sean has been here at CSULB for five years and will soon be receiving her BFA in Metals to continue her passion. Before actually going into Metals or art, she did not know what she wanted to study. Thats when she decided to study art, but more specific drawing and painting. But she fell in love with Metals after taking interest in an introductory class to Metals. Other than art Sean has other hobbies such as reading, gaming, and cats.

In her artwork is is evident she specializes in metals because everything is made out of some sort of metal. Her work come in various shapes and sizes, none are the same. They are also very smooth with no sharp edges or straight lines. One other thing she does when making her work is that she does not change the color of the metal, yet she only changes its form. In other words, the natural look of the metal is the same when it comes to its color. Most of her art pieces can be worn either on the neck or fingers. You can categorize her work as jewelry because it can be worn. Sean mentioned her work is simple and plain. But looking from her work, it looks more complicated than it seems. It shows how talented she is because she is comfortable describing her work as simple when its not really that simple to make.

Most of her pieces were based off things in her daily life. She mentioned nothing specific influenced her work, just simply what she lived and who she was as person is what got her to do her pieces. But even though they were not specific she still made it possible for her to incorporate either emotion or humor within her work. Another detail i enjoyed was that the use of the different types of metals brought out the smoothness and simplicity in her work which emphasizes what she means when she says that her work is simple and plain. Her work revolves from no specific influence but from her environment and experiences.

When I got to the art gallery that her exhibit was held at, I did notice her use of metals. It seemed very simple and plain yet very nice and pleasing to the eye. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an exhibit with metals and I have to say that its been my favorite so far; the exhibits with metal that is. I have to be honest and say that I don’t exactly know what she was going for when she made the penis sculpture, but it was very detailed. I’d also like to say that I did not really enjoy it because I did not get the message behind it. Overall, I enjoyed this art gallery.


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