Wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Francisco Miranda


My first classmate conversation was with one of my dearest friends, Francisco Miranda. We go way back. We first met in high school during Fran,an year for AP European History. One thing he didn’t know that I finally decided to tell him is that the first time I met him I thought he was kind of like a rocker kid. He had the long hair and the clothes but what threw me off a bit was his choice of shoes, Nike. I then later realized that he was not like I thought he was. He was the complete opposite; I guess the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is true. Once I told him, we both cracked up and couldn’t believe how far we’ve come as friends.

As for his goals, he wants to graduate from here at CSULB as an Accountant. That wasn’t his first choice when he first arrived; his first choice was Electrical Engineering. Although that happened, he is currently happy with what he is doing. Also, he wants to become a father and have a family, while also being able to have a Dodge Ram of the the year. As for his hobbies, he enjoys playing video games, most preferably, Diablo 3. He also like to play basketball, and from what he tells me , he is better than me. Last but not least, he loves to buy color ways of his liking to the Reotr/Air Force 1’s.


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