Wk10 – Art Experience – Instagram

This weeks art experience involved the whole class to become social which I thought was pretty cool. As my day went by, I made sure to take interesting pictures of things that I did that Thursday. My first post was after I was leaving our at class, as you can see it seems as if the Latino club were protesting against something that had to do with immigration and the police. That is why my post caption was “Si no gritas, eres migra” which translates into “If you don’t scream, you’re immigration”. The second picture I posted was about going to Ross and luckily finding a nice pare of soccer shoes which I really needed at the time. The third picture I posted was after I finally got home and just wanted to play some video games, in this case The Division. The very last picture was after I played soccer at Goals Soccer Center. I took the picture after we were done playing which is why it seems so dark. I usually go with my friends from Monday through Thursday from 10 to 11 pm. Overall, this weeks artist conversation was different and really showed how everyone connected to one another through social media and post about their day.


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