Wk13 – Artist Conversation -Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Foam, Wood, Plaster, Cement
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East
Insta: @nickbamf4d

For this weeks artist conversation I had the pleasure to talk to Nick Bamford. I found out that he is a CSULB undergraduate who will be graduating this semester with a BFA in ceramics. His plans after graduating is to continue his education by applying to graduate school. But before he ever got interest in art he lived around North California and then moved to Huntington Beach where during high school he found his passion for art, specifically ceramics. He mentioned he loves to play the guitar and has a younger sister majoring in accounting.

His art exhibit was uniquely interesting to me because of the use of Black light in all of his work. The Black light is what I believe to be his major tool when creating his pieces because its what defines his work. The black light brings out neon colors that make objects that seem sort of random to life and have meaning. Having that said, his gallery gave off a sense of randomness with no actual meaning behind his work, but I believe his meaning is that you can create something beautiful and interesting out of nothing or randomness. He used shopping carts, bird cages, lamps, flags, various materials, and so on.

Bamford’s exhibit was mainly about being abel to bring basically anything to life however you want. In this case, Bamford used the power of black light to his advantage and make interesting artwork. His work does not reflect the traditional sculptor, it resembles a sculptor who is branching out and adding his own twist. Going back to the use of black light, it made the whole room feel like its purpose was to make anything look amazing and cool. It added a distinctive characteristic to his artwork.

In the end, I enjoyed Bamford’s artwork because I am surprised as how he got a shopping cart to look as great as he did. It demonstrated to me that anything can be beautiful if you’re looking for a deeper meaning. The use of random objects sure supports the way I received his message. But once I was done looking at his gallery and walked out, I had to look back and admire what he has done.


Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


I am going to send my Art Care Package to Francisco Miranda. In it I included, a picture of myself when I was around 5 years old at Mexico, a receipt for a PlayStation4, three colored bracelets from I’ve gone to go┬áplay soccer, redouble bracelet for a soccer tournament called Neymar’s Five that I attended this past Saturday, a sharpie, a string paddle ball, and a pamphlet of Grand Theft Auto 5 video game.

An ACP can be similar to a Snapchat because in a way you’re sending someone some sort of message that you want them to understand. But because times have changed, people would prefer to do something else over an ACP, i.e. Snapchat. I believe Ephemera can be significant no matter what it is. In other words, depending on what it means to the person who sent or what it can possibly meant to the person receiving it.

Wk13 – Classmate Conversation – Patrick Dong


This week I had the pleasure to meet with Patrick Dong. He is currently a senior here at CSULB as a mathematics major. He also mentioned he wanted to continue his education towards a PhD after he has obtaining his bachelors degree. Patrick has multiple hobbies which include karate, long boarding, photography and swimming. Even though he was various hobbies he likes to spend most of his free time with family and friends. Patrick didn’t always live here in the US. He came from Vietnam 10 years ago with his family and later on as a high school student he attended Jordan High in Long Beach. His favorite food is Korean BBQ and enjoys tacos as well. Overall, our conversation went really well and I’m glad I got the chance to meet him.

Wk12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: SUCCESSION

Media: Digital Print, Print Making

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: None

The artist that I chose to have a conversation with this week was Jennifer Chen. Jennifer specializes in printmaking and digital printing. She is currently headed towards achieving her ┬ámasters in Fine Arts. In her work, she utilizes a masking technique after printing her images which gives her a different appeal and makes her work unique. She also uses photoshop as a tool to edit her images. But before deciding that art was her thing, Jennifer’s first interest was in the sciences, Biology.

Jennifer’s artwork consists of many pieces that seem to have a microscopic feel to them. You will notice that they seem to be over head of cities and populations. Most of her work is green due to all the trees in her images. I don’t think you can tell from the images above but her work tends to give off a glossy look to it, this is because Jennifer masks her artwork to give it a 3D look. Even on some of her images on the bottom left corner you can see it says “by Google”. It makes it seem like her artwork is basically a satellite picture overhead a certain place.

When asked why does she do the certain work that she provides to her viewers, the answer is to see how beautiful the world is and how it maintains itself. In other words, she mentioned that even though there are natural disasters that wound mother earth, in the end, the world will repair itself with time and come back similar to the way it was before. Which in a way makes sense as to why she does what she does and what she puts in her art. She has large pieces that require more time than the smaller ones because they involve more processes.

Overall, I enjoyed this gallery and so far its been my favorite. The reason is because I’m still in aw of how amazing her work is. The first time I walked in to the gallery I couldn’t believe that someone could actually paint such a thing but then realized it was a combination of printing and painting. I think that this kind of art is so unique and it certainly diversifies itself when comparing to other artists’ work.

Wk12 – Classmate Conversation – Eli Yee

Eli Yee

This weeks class conversation I had the pleasure to meet Eli Yee. He is currently a sophomore here at CSULB and is majoring in Fashion and Merchandising. Even though he wanted to change his major to something in business, he mentioned he decided not to because he is already too far into his major. He is 20 years old and his birthday falls on Valentines Day. He also has a couple of hobbies which include drawing and painting. He enjoys to do it on his own time, he even gave me his instagram. I saw a couple of his pieces and they seem really well done. In the end, it was a nice friendly conversation.