Wk13 – Art Experience – Art Care Package


I am going to send my Art Care Package to Francisco Miranda. In it I included, a picture of myself when I was around 5 years old at Mexico, a receipt for a PlayStation4, three colored bracelets from I’ve gone to go play soccer, redouble bracelet for a soccer tournament called Neymar’s Five that I attended this past Saturday, a sharpie, a string paddle ball, and a pamphlet of Grand Theft Auto 5 video game.

An ACP can be similar to a Snapchat because in a way you’re sending someone some sort of message that you want them to understand. But because times have changed, people would prefer to do something else over an ACP, i.e. Snapchat. I believe Ephemera can be significant no matter what it is. In other words, depending on what it means to the person who sent or what it can possibly meant to the person receiving it.


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