Wk13 – Artist Conversation -Nick Bamford

Artist: Nick Bamford
Exhibition: Untitled
Media: Foam, Wood, Plaster, Cement
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov-East
Insta: @nickbamf4d

For this weeks artist conversation I had the pleasure to talk to Nick Bamford. I found out that he is a CSULB undergraduate who will be graduating this semester with a BFA in ceramics. His plans after graduating is to continue his education by applying to graduate school. But before he ever got interest in art he lived around North California and then moved to Huntington Beach where during high school he found his passion for art, specifically ceramics. He mentioned he loves to play the guitar and has a younger sister majoring in accounting.

His art exhibit was uniquely interesting to me because of the use of Black light in all of his work. The Black light is what I believe to be his major tool when creating his pieces because its what defines his work. The black light brings out neon colors that make objects that seem sort of random to life and have meaning. Having that said, his gallery gave off a sense of randomness with no actual meaning behind his work, but I believe his meaning is that you can create something beautiful and interesting out of nothing or randomness. He used shopping carts, bird cages, lamps, flags, various materials, and so on.

Bamford’s exhibit was mainly about being abel to bring basically anything to life however you want. In this case, Bamford used the power of black light to his advantage and make interesting artwork. His work does not reflect the traditional sculptor, it resembles a sculptor who is branching out and adding his own twist. Going back to the use of black light, it made the whole room feel like its purpose was to make anything look amazing and cool. It added a distinctive characteristic to his artwork.

In the end, I enjoyed Bamford’s artwork because I am surprised as how he got a shopping cart to look as great as he did. It demonstrated to me that anything can be beautiful if you’re looking for a deeper meaning. The use of random objects sure supports the way I received his message. But once I was done looking at his gallery and walked out, I had to look back and admire what he has done.


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