Wk 14 – Art Experience – Sketching in the Garden

In my representational drawings and pictures I chose to do a sketch view of the right side of the Japanese Garden from when you enter. As you can see the walkway, the fence, the trans, and the lake along with the ducks that were there. My second one was about how a certain bush that had pink flowers looked so genuine alongside the stone rocks and lake. My last representational drawing and picture was a view from the back side of the Japanese Garden looking towards the entrance.

For my abstract I chose to do it on a fish in the lake, someone walking into the Japanese Garden, and what seemed to be some sort of little lamp statue. Of all three, I’d have to say the hardest was to draw the person walking in because I find it difficult to show motion within a drawing. Same goes for my the fish drawing, because it was moving, I tried to show some sort of motion. The last one was the easiest to me because it was static and not dynamic. Overall, I really enjoyed this weeks art experience over the classmate conversation and artist conversation.


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