Wk15 – Classmate Conversation – Alanna Godinez


This week my classmate conversation was with Alanna Godinez, who is currently a freshman here at CSULB pursuing a career in Psychology. Since the  9th grade, Alanna had already decided on what she wants to do with her life by heading toward the psychology field. One thing that I found out that is a true accomplishment is that she is the first amongst her family to attend a four year university, which gives a more of a reason to pursue her career. Even though she is a full time student, she still manages to have a job as well. She works at Norwalk Regency Theaters on weekends. When I found out where she worked I was sort of surprised because I used to to go there very often but never noticed Alanna or I just don’t remember seeing her. Also, she likes her job but sometimes its the opposite, but who doesn’t have that feeling about a job you’re not planning to keep forever or as a career. I found Alanna to be friendly and very optimistic; I’m glad I got the chance to formally meet and converse with her.


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