W10 – Classmate Conversation – Shannon McGuinness

Shannon McCuiness

For my classmate conversation, I decided to go up to Shannon McGuinness. I learned that she is currently a sophomore just like myself and is studying management. She has various hobbies which are video games, listening to music, going to the movies, loves to sing, and going out with her friends. Another thing I learned about Shannon is how sort of shy when it comes to meeting new people. She also mentioned that after she overcomes her shyness and puts herself out of her comfort zone to meet new people, it’s a great feeling. Just like myself, Shannon also has a dog but her’s is named Mika whereas mine is named Simba.



Wk9 – Artist Conversation – Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig
Exhibition: All Work All Play
Media: Copper and Silver Metals
Gallery: Marily Gerby West
Website: None
Instagram: None

Sean has been here at CSULB for five years and will soon be receiving her BFA in Metals to continue her passion. Before actually going into Metals or art, she did not know what she wanted to study. Thats when she decided to study art, but more specific drawing and painting. But she fell in love with Metals after taking interest in an introductory class to Metals. Other than art Sean has other hobbies such as reading, gaming, and cats.

In her artwork is is evident she specializes in metals because everything is made out of some sort of metal. Her work come in various shapes and sizes, none are the same. They are also very smooth with no sharp edges or straight lines. One other thing she does when making her work is that she does not change the color of the metal, yet she only changes its form. In other words, the natural look of the metal is the same when it comes to its color. Most of her art pieces can be worn either on the neck or fingers. You can categorize her work as jewelry because it can be worn. Sean mentioned her work is simple and plain. But looking from her work, it looks more complicated than it seems. It shows how talented she is because she is comfortable describing her work as simple when its not really that simple to make.

Most of her pieces were based off things in her daily life. She mentioned nothing specific influenced her work, just simply what she lived and who she was as person is what got her to do her pieces. But even though they were not specific she still made it possible for her to incorporate either emotion or humor within her work. Another detail i enjoyed was that the use of the different types of metals brought out the smoothness and simplicity in her work which emphasizes what she means when she says that her work is simple and plain. Her work revolves from no specific influence but from her environment and experiences.

When I got to the art gallery that her exhibit was held at, I did notice her use of metals. It seemed very simple and plain yet very nice and pleasing to the eye. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen an exhibit with metals and I have to say that its been my favorite so far; the exhibits with metal that is. I have to be honest and say that I don’t exactly know what she was going for when she made the penis sculpture, but it was very detailed. I’d also like to say that I did not really enjoy it because I did not get the message behind it. Overall, I enjoyed this art gallery.

Wk9 – Classmate Conversation – Francisco Miranda


My first classmate conversation was with one of my dearest friends, Francisco Miranda. We go way back. We first met in high school during Fran,an year for AP European History. One thing he didn’t know that I finally decided to tell him is that the first time I met him I thought he was kind of like a rocker kid. He had the long hair and the clothes but what threw me off a bit was his choice of shoes, Nike. I then later realized that he was not like I thought he was. He was the complete opposite; I guess the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover” is true. Once I told him, we both cracked up and couldn’t believe how far we’ve come as friends.

As for his goals, he wants to graduate from here at CSULB as an Accountant. That wasn’t his first choice when he first arrived; his first choice was Electrical Engineering. Although that happened, he is currently happy with what he is doing. Also, he wants to become a father and have a family, while also being able to have a Dodge Ram of the the year. As for his hobbies, he enjoys playing video games, most preferably, Diablo 3. He also like to play basketball, and from what he tells me , he is better than me. Last but not least, he loves to buy color ways of his liking to the Reotr/Air Force 1’s.



Ghost is one of the finest marksman here at Moonbase Alpha.

Hello there fellow citizens, I go by the name Ghost and I am apart of the Marine task force here at Moonbase Alpha. I am an important asset to the security of our base and citizens and I will do everything in my power to keep it that way. Safety for my our people is my main priority against foreigners. My name comes from the way I go into battle. My main tactic is going is as quiet as possible, get in and get out. As if I was never there, hence, the name. Because of everything I’ve gone through I’ve become fond of this place, it has become my home. For years now, there has not been any sort of danger or invasion from outsiders, but it has been very peaceful around here. During my stay I have met many people that have later become some of my dearest friends. These friends and home is what I cherish the most which is why I believe so heavily in keeping my planet safe. Growing up I did not have much, small home, very little food, and no money. I also lost my parents at a young age to the last war that happened here at Moonbase Alpha. That is also one of the reasons why I have become a marine, to follow my parents footsteps and protect our planet for our citizens and families. But if duty calls, I am always there… but without being seen.

Jonathan Sniper

Jonathan sniper is one of my dearest friends that I met here at the Moonbase while training to become apart of the Marine Task Force. We have become more than friends, we are practically brothers, in and out of combat. Alongside each other we have defended the Moonbase various times all by ourselves with our unique marksman skills.

Aqua Marine

Aqua Marine a fellow protector of the seas here at the Moonbase. Lately it has been very peaceful when it comes to the seas and water supply. But then a few days ago some of the water supply has gone missing and it has been affecting the numbers of sea creatures. They have been mysteriously disappearing and the Marine Task Force have been informed it’s someone from within the base. So far, we have been linked up with Aqua Marine in order to stop an end to the dangers affecting our seas and put a stop to whoever is doing this.


Evangeline was the first in our suspect list, because we received some intel that she owns a  sea food restaurant. Where else could she possible be getting all this sea food other than here an Moonbase? But then again, this mysterious disappearance has only been occurring until now and Evangeline has owned this restaurant for years now so it can’t be her. Unless she has been buying from some black market dealer who has been accountable for the disappearance of all the fish? But either way we are making progress to finding out who has been up to this.

Wk8 – Artist Conversation – Bri Joy

Artist: Bri Joy

Exhibition: Merge

Media: Screen Prints

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @Bri.joy

From my conversation with Bri Joy this week I learned a lot about her. She was a transfer student from Batho’s college and attended Orange High School of the Arts. This year is Bri’s last year, but she has been in screen printing for three years now and is looking forward to graduating. Growing up, she came from a place where everyone knew one another, meaning low population. Her hometown is Modgeska Canyon. Her hobbies consist of surfing, yoga, and snowboarding. In addition, because she came from a place where everyone knew each other, it was a surprise to her how people are here when she first arrived. Her exhibition, Merge, reflects the idea of how she has become who she is today.

The material she uses is very expensive but makes up her work her very own. Bri uses a very specific kind of paper for her work called BFK archival printing making paper. At the exhibit, she mentioned how much of this material she needed which was around 10 yards of it. One of the difficulties while making this particular exhibit was that she had to print this by hand rather than printing it with ink because it would’ve been very difficult to print out of 10 yards of paper. All of her work consisted of black and white if you’re considering the BFK paper as one of the colors used. But it was mainly the black ink. No line is identical in her work, they’re all different yet smooth. Like mentioned before, her art is a reflection of herself and how she has become the person she is today, bringing the past and present into one; hence the exhibition name.

Bri’s art is meant to focus all the attention on the message behind the artwork rather than the appearance itself. She brings forth emotion in her work to hinge in the viewer as to what she is trying to convey. Because there is no color in her work, it allows the viewer to focus all on the artwork’s meaning and not be distracted by different colors. Her main inspiration is  Concept versus color. It is also shows her transitions in life from when she moved from her home to her new life here and all her other experiences that have shaped her to be the person she is today. Her art is simple, but can be very complex because it involves the viewers full devotion into what the message is behind the piece.

When I first walked in I did not think much of the exhibit rather than it was only black and white. Not just for one work, but for all of her pieces. I still found her work to be very interesting because I was trying to figure out what each piece many or what was Bri’s meaning behind it. But as soon as I started my conversation with her it was obvious what was her message. One other thing I noticed was that even though her art was so simple, it can still be complex. And I feel that is Bri’s main goal, to challenge the viewer and figure out what her work means, but she assists the viewer by having no color to avoid distractions. I also found it beautiful once I found out how she incorporated who she has become as a person based on her experiences in her artwork.


Wk8 – Art Experience – Automatic Drawing

This week’s art experience is the automatic drawing. In all honestly, it seemed silly because the objective was to let the pencil move and draw on its own while both you and your partner are holding it. The first thing that came to mind was, either one of the two holding it could be moving it but just lie about it, making seem as if the pencil drew on it’s own. Unfortunately, that did not happen for me and my sister while we tried to let the pencil draw on its own. We literally sat there for at least 10 to 15 mins with our legs crossed and knees touching and nothing happened. Then we decided to just move our hands together which ever way either person wanted to make something random. It turned out to be scribbling all over the paper because the room was pitch black. The colors we used were blue, green, yellow, and purple (even though its really hard to tell what color). Overall, I felt like the project was corny but it was funny. It brought out some laughs out of the project and I felt like it was more of a bond and spending time with one other person.

Wk8 – Classmate Conversation – Carlos Cucufate


This weeks classmate conversation I did it with Carlos Cucufate. Carlos is a freshman here at CSULB studying to become a business management major. He currently lives in Inglewood which is not too far from where I live. It takes us both about twenty minutes to get to school. Carlos commutes like most students here, but he doesn’t mind driving at all. He drives a BMW to school. His favorite sports consist of soccer and basketball. One hobby he enjoys is playing X-box One. His favorite game to play on the X box is FIFA 16, which also one of my favorite games.Carlos is a Real Madrid fan whereas I am a Barcelona, they’re matches against each other are called “El Clasico”. In the end, I found Carlos to be very calm and down to earth.

Wk7 – Artist Conversation – Alicia Keyworth

Artist: Alicia Keyworth

Exhibition: f* Art

Media: Cotton, thread, trash bags, metallic yarn

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram:  @aliciakeyworth

For this weeks artist conversation I decided to do it with artist, Alicia Keyworth. When Alicia first got here at CSULB, she began as a graphic designer during her freshman year and later changed to art. Switching to art education was the best decision for her because most importantly she found her “fit”. But she fell in love with using fiber and implementing it with art. As of now, she is an undergraduate here who is looking forward to graduating next semester with her BFA in fiber and BA in art education. As a hobby, she enjoys to weave.

Alicia Keyworth’s work is focused more on the idea of the process of creating a piece from start to finish, rather than how it ends up. One of the first pieces I noticed in Gatov Gallery East was the woven artifact mounted on the wall. The colors she used for this set of piece was only two colors, black and sparkling gold. But the work itself was woven with cotton yarn, trash bags, and metallic yarn. The metallic yarn might explain how the gold sparkles over the black base of the woven piece. The inspiration behind this piece was because she wanted to challenge herself with something different, not the usual. Which in the end, came out beautiful. She mentioned her work being structurally traditional and free in material. As mentioned before, she focuses more on the process and the challenge rather than the outcome. Alicia tests her abilities to produce something different that isn’t normally used for the process of making her pieces.

Alicia’s artwork is a reflection of the type of person she is. As everyone was around her asking her questions, I noticed how she seems free spirited and always wants to focus her work on what she wants to do, but also be different from others. From looking at most of her work, I can see she is an eco-friendly type of person because its evident while she uses trash bags in the process of her work. She also uses waste or scrap parts which is why I believe she is an eco-friendly type of person. Like mentioned before, her work is definitely a reflection of the way she is while also being unique and very interesting. In my opinion she has succeeded in challenging herself by doing something different by using spare parts and focusing on the process more than the outcome. Even though her work revolves around spare parts, you get some sort of quality that Alicia is able to accomplish through her focus on the process. Her artwork is different, but very special.

Over all, I had a great experience looking at this weeks exhibits at the CSULB School of Art. Even though there were various artists showcasing their pieces, I decided to focus on Alicia Keyworth. I believe her work has a meaning behind it; you don’t have to use expensive or high quality materials to make something considered as art and still have that same quality from the hard work put into it. I learned from this experience that the type of person you are, your daily values, what you believe, what you don’t, really reflects what kinds of work artists craft.

Wk7 – Art Experience – Group Video Activity

Art Experience – Interview – Carlos and Francisco

This weeks art experience was full of bloopers. Because it was a group based activity, I partnered with a friend, Francisco Miranda. Before starting the actual Oscar-capable acting, we did not know what to do. Until we finally decided to an Interview seen that involved simple lines and DJ Khaled’s phrases. While doing the video there were many times where we had to start over because we could not keep a serious face, we’d burst into laughter. It was like that for about 5 times. Once we finally got it down, it was still obvious that it was not perfect and you can still see a smirk here and there, but we decided to go with it because in a way its hilarious. I’m pretty sure we weren’t the only ones who had this sort of problem of laughter, but we got it done. I was playing the role of the manager and interviewing a potential future employee, Francisco Miranda. As the interview goes, even though its short, you can notice the DJ Khaled phrases through out. For example, “Are you loyal?”, “Are you smart?”, and so forth. The person recording us was Francisco’s girlfriend. Over all, I enjoyed this art experience as it makes us go out of our comfort zone and make a video of a random scene, even though our acting was hilarious.

Wk7 – Classmate Conversation – Eric Diaz


This weeks classmate conversation I did it on Eric Diaz. This year at CSULB is his second year here and is studying to become a business major in Marketing. He is also apart of a fraternity, Delta Chi which he mentioned was the best decision he’s made since he was here. The reason why he decided to join a frat was due to the opportunities it brings and the networking involved of course. Not only does he enjoy those two reasons but he also enjoys the friends and party side to a frat. I found out that Eric lives in Bellflower which is quite close to where I reside in Paramount. His favorite basketball team is the Lakers, says he is a die hard laker fan even though they’ve been in their worst form. For football he roots for the Cowboys, but for soccer he only likes to get involved when its the world cup season. His favorite music to listen to would be classic songs or groups such as Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, but also open to anything. On the side he also likes to do freelance photography which I thought was pretty cool. I consider Eric na Apple guy, meaning he owns nothing but Apple devices just like me. One similarity we share is the hate for phone cases that become an eyesore to such a beautiful phone like the iPhone. Overall, it was cool I got the chance to meet someone as well rounded as Eric; he is such an easy guy to get along with, it felt live we’ve been friends for a while because of how easy it was to talk to each other.